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Terms & Conditions (Weddings)

Wedding Ceremony Terms and Conditions 

Cate will plan, create, write, and conduct your personalised wedding ceremony for the following fee:

  • 2022 ceremonies – £500.00 plus travel costs beyond 30 miles at 45p per mile.
  • 2023 ceremonies – £550.00 plus travel costs beyond 30 miles at 45p per mile. 
  • 2024 ceremonies – £575.00 plus travel costs beyond 30 miles at 45p per mile.

We agree to pay £200.00 at the time of booking to secure the date as we are aware that Cate may have turned down other work to save the date exclusively. On paying the booking fee we acknowledge that we have read, understood, and agree with these terms and conditions. We are aware that there is a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period and all cancellations should be sent in writing to


We acknowledge wedding rehearsals need to be arranged within 14 days of booking to avoid disappointment and we agree to pay an additional £100.00 plus travel for this service.


We agree to work closely with Cate and respond promptly to any questions relating to planning and writing of the wedding ceremony.


We understand that if Cate is unable to perform our ceremony due to illness or any other unavoidable situation, she will do her very best to arrange a replacement Celebrant and share ceremony details as appropriate. 

Changes to the booking

We understand that Cate performs other ceremonies and any changes to the booking may create a conflict with her schedule. We agree to email Cate with any changes to the booking at our earliest convenience and we acknowledge that Cate will accommodate changes whenever possible, however they cannot be guaranteed as she may have another booking.  

Marriage Law in Scotland

For marriage ceremonies to be recognised by law in Scotland, you must also fulfil the legal requirements (M10 forms) at a Registry Office at least three months prior to the date of your ceremony but no later than 29 days. We agree to follow National Record Scotland guidance when registering the Marriage. Please don’t hesitate to contact Cate if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

We understand that Cate’s authority to solemnise legal marriages comes under the auspices of Open Sanctuary, and as such she is authorised by the Registrar General For Scotland to carry out legal weddings. 

The Open Sanctuary is open to all beliefs, accepting and respecting all with a forgiving heart which leads to a life of simplicity, peace, and love. Cate’s promises to work in integrity, love and acceptance and write a bespoke ceremony which reflects your wishes, values, and beliefs.

Images and Testimonials

We give you permission for Cate to use our wedding ceremony photographs and we acknowledge the need to email Cate within 14 days of booking to opt out.


We agree that all written documents relating to our ceremony script are copyrighted to and no reproduction or sharing with others is permitted. 


We are aware that all the information that we give to Cate will be treated as confidential and she will not disclose any of it to any third party without our express permission. Cate will manage all your personal information in accordance with the law, including the new Data Protection Regulations Act 2018.  All correspondence, documentation and the ceremony script will be kept confidential, except for any third parties who have been included in development and delivery of the marriage ceremony.

Insurance and Professional Affiliation

We are aware that Cate is a full member of Scottish Independent Celebrants Association (SICA) and adheres to their codes of practice and fully insured with Balens with cover of £1000, 000 for public and product liability.  The link to the Scottish Independent Celebrants Association (SICA) can be found here