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I believe “you can learn anything you put your mind to, as long as you are willing…when you are ready the teacher appears”.

I spent 18 years in the Further Education, and I flourished in my role as Lecturer and successfully worked my way from this role to Course Leader then onto leading the team and managing the department.  

My background is working in Further Education and I hold a Degree and a Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE). 

My greatest gifts are my warmth, compassion and positive outlook in life. I am outgoing, fun loving, empathic and I love communicating with people. I am friendly, good natured and easy to talk to and I have a natural ability to make people feel relaxed and reassured. I have a natural skill of creating a safe learning environment which students enjoyed being part of.

I am conscientious and loyal and with a strong sense of personal values and I like organisation and order. I love having ‘all my ducks in a row’. I like to work in a harmonious environment, where each person can be appreciated and valued for their contribution.

Sadly, my Dad passed away in September 2016. His death played a significant part in my decision to change the direction of my career. I was asked by my family to facilitate our Dad’s funeral service. This was something they believed I could do with the compassion and love they felt was due to their beloved Husband and Father. As an experienced facilitator and lecturer I knew, how to plan and create a rich tapestry of poetry, music, words and ritual. The service guided the thoughts and feelings of family and friends towards a sense of hope, love and support during this difficult time.

Following this event, with the encouragement of my family and Husband, I pursued a change of career into Celebrancy.  To my, this was a dream come true as I am open minded, curious, insightful and deeply committed. Whenever I put my mind to do something, it gets done and it gets done well.

I am happy and contented and I continue to be successful in my role as an independent celebrant. 

My deep rooted values in education have never left me and I now combine the role of a celebrant with education. My ability to work with adults and create, deliver, and facilitate learning, coupled with my experience and passion within the wedding industry, makes me the perfect person to support you on your learning journey.

Please if you would like to find out more about my Celebrant Ceremonies training (Wedding, Funeral or Naming)……just send me an email to or phone me on 07494039002.

Love and laughter,


I have just finished training with Cate Reid to be a Wedding Celebrant and was bowled over with the style of teaching and with the quantity of information Cate gave to us over the period of the course.

M. T. Essex

Thank you, Cate, I’ve been on many training courses and I have to say – you really are an excellent trainer. You held the group with compassion, and you passed on the vast amount of information with ease. Thank you!

T. G. London

I am Course Leader for the Academy of Professional Celebrants