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Divine Endeavors

Service, Mission and Outreach.

Hello, I’m Cate!

My journey into this calling stems from my deep connection with people, guiding me to support them through life’s profound moments. It led me to train as a Community Minister. Within this, my focus is on aiding families facing challenges like poverty, addiction, and hardship.

I hold sacred the bond between myself and the community I serve, striving for honesty and authenticity. I am committed to being truthful in my words and non-judgmental in my listening.

My goal is to approach everyone with an open heart and mind, embracing diversity without division. I reject the idea of marginalizing others based on any differences.

Recognising that spiritual growth is a continuous journey, I am about to embark on a spiritual direction course. I am dedicated to nurturing my own spiritual path, living each day with simplicity, peace, and love.

Central to my work is a belief in the inherent value of every individual. I invite you to reach out, as I see strangers as potential friends waiting to be discovered.

With love and laughter,

Cate x
Mobile: 07494039002
Phone: 01334 527880