A day in the life of a Celebrant

A destination wedding –– the planning process leading up to the big day!!!

I was absolutely delighted to be invited to officiate Paul and Genna’s wedding in the Banana Bar, Naxos, Greece this year.  Paula and Genna live in Melbourne Australia and me living in Scotland.

Due to the time difference, we decided that our main platform of communication would be email and video conferencing. Once we established response deadline dates, we sent them our detailed wedding questionnaire, which has over forty questions relating to the ceremony alone.  

Paula and Genna were both really surprised but reassured by the level of detail in the questionnaire as on several occasions they emailed to say, ‘We hadn’t thought about that at all – we’ll need to get back to you!’  Some of the things that they hadn’t thought about included:

What processional music will be played when your guests arrive?

Will your bridesmaid enter before or after the bride?

Will the Bride enter with her father, the groom or with an escort? 

Does the Bride’s mother have an escort? 

It is imperative that you ensure the celebrant you have chosen is organised, because as they say, the Devil is definitely in the detail. It’s certainly at the top of my Cate’s list of priorities.

Cate Reid, August 2019