A day in the life of a Celebrant

A destination wedding ––the unplanned ring drop and exchange!!!

I was absolutely delighted to be invited to officiate Paul and Genna’s wedding in the Banana Bar, Naxos, Greece this year.  With handsome Paula looking very dapper in his Kilt and Genna stunning beautiful in her wedding dress.

See for yourself……..feel free to watch their wedding video. 

Prior to the ceremony, Paul and Johnny (best man) and I chatted about the plans for the ceremony and in particular the “ring exchange” and I recall Johnny saying, ‘I hope I don’t drop them”.  We discussed all the what if’s’ surrounding this and I suggested that we leave Johnny to pick up the rings if he drops them to avoid the Paul (groom) and Johnny (best man) or Genna (bride) and Paul (groom) clashing heads together as they bend down to pick up the rings.   

Cate Reid September 2019